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Companies Total : 38008 ( 38001 -- 38008 )[|<][<<][>>][>|]
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Yuyao Shanquan New Building Material Plant .
master product--coated glassfiber mesh cloth

T.C.C. Ningbo Glass Products Co. Ltd. .
mainly engaged in the production of all kinds of glass products

Beijing Orient Air Service Company Ltd. .
Lightships or "blimps" advertisement

Hangzhou East Mansion .CN
a Chinese three-star hotel looking for capital cooperator and management partner

Zhejiang Pan-an Scientific Industrial Trade Co.,Ltd. .
keep the mushroom fresh and specializing in processing export

Lishui Fresh-foodstuffs Co., Ltd. .
a special edible mushroom base

Chongqing Square Bamboo Shoots ??.
manufacturer of wild bamboo shoots, a kind of health food

Ningbo Oasis Trading Co.,Ltd. .
a special trading company dealing with health food

Yiwu Dongtai Aquaculture Co., Ltd.,Zhejiang .CN
an outstanding enterprise in Aquaculture line

Yancheng Fubao Aquatic Food Co.,Ltd .
an enterprise engaged in the processing of fresh water lobster and other aquatic products

China Baolong Group .CN
a trans-trade and multi-functional enterprise engaged in ocean fishing,special breed and the import and export of food,textiles and chemicals

China Ningbo International Cooperation Group Co., Ltd. .
mainly engaging in labor cooperation, import and export trading,contracted projects, foreign-aid projects, industrial investment, scientific and technological development, information engineering, consultancy, real estate industry

Veken Group Hangzhou.
specialing in textiles such as yarns,Rachel blanket,dyeing & printing fabrics,decorative fabrics,knitwear,leisure underwear,real estate,domestic and international trading and etc.

Jiangsu Yindu Group .
a group company engaging in business of textile raw materials,Textile,Chemicals,Machinery,vegetables & fruits and Tour service

Hangzhou Huaxing Printing & Dyeing Co., Ltd. Hangzhou.
mainly dealing in printing and dyeing finished products

Goldstar Flocking Mill Hangzhou.
specializing in manufacturing kinds of textiles,including velour,cotton textile and etc.

China Velutum Production Base Hangzhou.
It is specialized in manufacturing kinds of textiles,including velour, cotton textile and dyeing finished products

Zhejiang Xinghe Group Industrial Corp. .
a comprehensive group dealing in all kinds of products,including kintwears,down garments,textile,foodstuffs,vegetalbes,fruits,native products,light industrial products,animal products and etc.

SILK (monthly) .
a comprehensive journal focusing on science and technology on cocoon,silk weaving,knitting,waste silk spinning,dyeing and printing textile machinery,dyes and chemicals' information

Jiangyin Scientific and Technological Development Corporation .
dealing in science and technology,industry and the business of garments,fabrics,dyestuff and industrial chemicals

Shenzhen Guowei Industry Development Co., Ltd. .
specializing in making paper-made tablewares,such as fastfood box,plate,noodle bowl etc.

Hangzhou Xizi Otis Elevator Co.,Ltd. .
Elevator manufacturer

Suzhou Cheng Mei Leather Co., Ltd. suzhou.CN
specializing in making various kinds of leather cases

Ningbo Jianhua Petrol-Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. .
a facroty specializing in manufacturing PU,PVC and other synthetic leather

China Jintian Group .
Our group mainly deals in breeding and cotton production. Our main products include grinned cotton,short staple cotton,cotton seed oil,cotton extraction albumen feed,fibre board ,imitation padauk furniture,compound fertilizer and etc.

Senda Group .
specializing in making all kinds of Senda leather shoes

Zhejiang FenLi Hoses Industry Hangzhou.
a well-known enterprise specializing in producing various kinds of hoses for men,women and children

Yancheng Jinpeng Shoes-Making Co.,Ltd. .
mainly specializing in manufacturing vulcanized shoes and cold glued shoes

Ningbo Xiangye Textiles Co.,Ltd. Hangzhou.
This company mainly engages in spinning, twisting,dyeing and marketing.The main products include polyester sewing thread,rayon embroidery thread and polyester overalls thread,zipper,ribbon,rope,garment accessories and etc.

Zhejiang Haolong Group Corporation .
specializing in manufacturing all kinds of silk,fabrics and garments,such as spun silk fabric, spunsilk yarn, noil silk,silk floss wadding,noil poplin,spun silk shell fabric,silk garments and etc.

Zhejiang China Light & Textile Industries City Group Co., Ltd. .
a well-known wholesale market of textile material in China

Wuxi Xiexin Wool Spinning Weaving & Dyeing Co. Ltd. wuxi jiangsu.CN
mainly manufacturing worsted fabric,all kinds of suiting,knitting and weaving yarn

Jiangsu Guangming Silk Group Company Limited suzhou.CN
engaging in manufacturing various kinds of silk,such as pure silk,mix-woven,chemical fibres,FDY chemical fibre silk and silk clothes

Hangzhou Economic & Technological Development Zone Tianlun Textile Co., Ltd. .
specializing in manufacturing all kinds of silk and garment fabrics,georgette,cloth,garments,ties,scarves,blankets and etc.

China Golden Textiles Group suzhou.CN
specializing in producing garments fabrics,such as mulberry velour,imitiation silk,georgette velvet,panne velvet,spun silk fabric and etc.

Ningbo Cixi Foreign Trade Velveteen Mill Hangzhou.
a special factory producing soft dyeing, printing velveteen cloth and stretch velveteen cloth

Cixi Lihong Group Co., Ltd. Hangzhou.
specializing in manufacturing high-quality garments fabrics of cotton velveteen series and bed decoration of cotton pile-blankets series

Jiayi textiles pattern design studio .
professional designer in designing patterns of furnishing,silk and knitted fabrics

Xin'guang Textile Group Co. .
We mainly produce high grade pure cotton yarn, printed blankets,knitting toy velvet,high grade knitting garments,cardboard box,paper tubes,peanut foodstuff etc.

The Little Flyer Industry Company .
The Little Flyer Toys Company have been engaged in the development,production and sale of new,exotic and special toys for children.

Wuxi East Grace Corp. .
handling in the imp.and exp. business of textile& silk products, garments,machinery equipments, metals,chemcialfibres,dyestuff,medical & health products,agricultural tools, electronics, instruments technologies, ect.

Ningbo Shunyan Group Ningbo.
mainly producing down products for export,such as down garments,down bedclothes and travelling products

Ningbo He Yu Knitting Garment Co., Ltd. Ningbo.
specializing in the production of knitting garments in all styles,such as knitting underwear,sports garments,T shirts ect.

Liu Zhou Red Bird Trading Co., Ltd. .
a professional manufacturer and exporter of T-shirts

Jiangsu Yafeng General Knitting Mill .
specializing in producing knitting garments,knit grey cloth,wool carpet and auxilliary chemicals

Jiangsu DeYiTai Silk Clothes Co., Ltd. .
specializing in the produce of pure silk garment,including underclothes,pajamas,fashionable dresses,night wears,morning wears,Western-style clothes,etc.

Hangzhou Xinyi Garments Co., Ltd. XIAOSHAN.CN
engaging in manufacturing silk,linen and cotton garments

Hangzhou Hua'er Garment Co., Ltd. .
engaging in the production and sales of various kinds of high-quality silk,cotton,linen,knitting and woolen garments

Donggang Garment Co., Ltd. .
mainly manufacturing Changlin brand garments,shirts and neckties

Ningbo Dong Fan Apparel Corporation .
A big company mainly engages in yak wool knitwear manufacturing and the distribution of garments
Companies Total : 38008 ( 38001 -- 38008 )[|<][<<][>>][>|]
    Results in Recent Trade Leads ...   Results in Exhibits ...